Oxide Electronics Group, Technion

Lior Kornblum, Asst. Prof.

Wolfson 213


Lior Kornblum

Dr. Maria Baskin

Lab Engineer
Wolfson 205,  +972-(0)4-829-5126

Dana Cohen-Azarzar

PhD student
Research interests: Oxide electronic devices
Wolfson 208,  +972-(0)4-829-3270

 Dana Cohen-Azarzar  
Lishai Shoham

PhD student
Research interests: Transport properties of strongly correlated oxides
Wolfson 208,  +972-(0)4-829-5021


Brajagopal Das

PhD student
Research interests: Magnetic oxides, memory devices
Wolfson 208,  +972-(0)4-829-3270



Shaked Caspi

PhD candidate
Research interests: Oxide-semiconductor interfaces
Wolfson 208,  +972-(0)4-829-3270


Amit Cohen

MSc student
Research interests: Oxide surfaces and interfaces
Wolfson 208,  +972-(0)4-829-3270




Ofri Ben-Yair

MSc candidate
Research interests: Modeling interfaces and devices









Dror Miron, MSc EE (2020, Cum Laude) . Currently a PhD student in the Energy Program with Prof. Carmel Rothschild

Dr Yang Li, Postdoc (2020-2021). Currently an Associate Researcher at the Peng Cheng Laboratory.